Passwordless UX

Passwordless authentication methods for SaaS web applications

Something wonderful has been happening in the world of software development for quite some time now: we are seeing an incredibly strong trend…

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Accessibility and inclusion

Why accessibility and inclusion lead to successful digital products

Covid-19 pandemic has normalized remote work and therefore WFH (Work From Home) for many people is here to stay. This tremendous global shift…

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Designing digital brand experiences for successful local businesses

During times of unforeseen circumstances of lockdown, solopreneurs and small local businesses need to survive. There is nothing more unique and worth saving…

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How to choose your design career path?

Product designer’s guide to working in tech Career perception For us, designers (or people who work in creative industries) career helps to define…

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Medium article image

How can you improve products by focusing on better icon usability?

Icons are everywhere and they act for substantial importance in how users navigate on any website or app. The updates on system icons…

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The importance of UX writing in product design

Since the mid-90s, when the term user experience (UX)was widespread by design expert Donald Norman, a lot has changed. UX flourished in the…

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HOLA letters


Hola! My name is Armantas Zvirgzdas. I’m Former UX/Product designer at IBM, currently working in the fintech industry on multiple SaaS products at…

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