I enjoy working in a team environment herewith making sure my design practice aligns with a team's and business objectives.

That's why I sincerely believe that getting along well with people contributes to overall team success.

What I'm capable of

Things I care about and things I do on the regular basis during my working hours

User experience design

Creating meaningful design. Delivering  digital products which support user behaviour through usability, usefulness, and desirability of interaction.

User interface design

Designing user interfaces which users find easy and pleasurable to use. Delivering digital assets consistent in style and behaviour patterns.

Quality assurance

Stepping in the process of development.  Reviewing the coded version of the UI prior to testing, working with the developers to make updates in code.

Content strategy

Transforming business objectives into tangible means of communication, defining content for user personas.

Design management

Determining a product’s overall reason for being, communicating product objectives.

Branding experience

Shaping brands, communicating a unique selling proposition, making them stand out from the competition.

Featured in:

Designmodo, Designbeep, Blogduwebdesign, Visualhierarchy, Uplabs, Estation, Iconutopia, Carddsgn, Pixelbell, BestofDribbble, Icon-library, Pelbox, Cssauthor, Industrious, uisdc, Sohu, 17sucai, ek58, ITread01, Photoshopvip, Zi

Product design (UX/UI)
Content strategy, management
Branding consultancy